"We are very happy to welcome Riku Patokoski to Bonava. Riku has solid experience in construction and housing development, and his ability to manage complex operations will play a key role in efforts moving forward to supply high-quality housing units with stable profitability in the Finnish market," says Joachim Hallengren, President and CEO, Bonava.

Riku Patokoski has extensive experience in the fields of construction, housing and property development. He most recently served as Executive Vice President for Hoivatilat, with responsibility for the company’s operations in southern Finland and Sweden. Riku Patokoski has also served as Director of Residential Development Finland for Peab and has eight years of experience from Skanska, during which time he was responsible for the launch of Skanska and IKEA’s joint housing concept BoKlok. Riku Patokoski holds a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Oulu.