"Investors Focus Too Much on Helsinki"

Finland Finland Hemsö invests EUR 130 million in Turku. The company’s Head of Asset Management Finland, Jarkko Leinonen, tells Nordic Property News about the investment, the strengths of Turku and the benefits of expanding outside of Helsinki.


How Kungsleden Will Spend the Money from the Eskilstuna Exit

Sweden Sweden Kungsleden's deputy CEO on leaving Eskilstuna and where they will spend the money from the divestment to Regio.

EQT Partners Makes Public Cash Offer for Stendörren

Sweden Sweden EQT Partners has, through Chicago Holding, made a public cash offer for Stendörren. Owners representing approximately 50 percent of the votes has accepted the offer of SEK 100.25 per class A and class B share.

Hemfosa Acquires LSS Homes

Sweden Sweden Hemfosa is acquiring a further four LSS homes in Sweden from Emrahus at a total property value of MSEK 103. The acquisition is part of Hemfosa’s cooperation with Emrahus regarding the acquisition of completed and leased LSS homes, and contributes to strengthening Hemfosa’s position as a specialist in community service properties.

Veidekke Forms New Company for Commercial Property Development

Nordic Veidekke Bostad and STOS Fastigheter are forming a joint venture, Veidekke Kommersiellt AB, which will also become an independent business unit within Veidekke.


Peter Neuberg.

JM Makes Executive Management Change

Sweden Sweden Peter Neuberg, Business Unit Manager of JM Construction, has announced that he would like to resign his positions as Business Unit Manager and President of JM Entreprenad.

How Are the Nordic Real Estate Companies Leveraged?

Nordic How are the loan-to-value situation for the listed Nordic companies? Nordic Property News has the list of how leveraged the companies are.

“We Might Not Need to Build Away the Office Shortage”

Sweden Sweden The office shortage in Stockholm has led to a scolding hot market with rents sky rocketing – but also a market where real estate owners see problems to grow with their tenants. A large focus is on construction and creation of new offices. Anneli Jansson, CEO of Humlegården, sees a future scenario where a different solution might be possible.

Hemsö in Transaction with the City of Turku

Finland Finland Hemsö and the City of Turku are preparing a transaction whereby Hemsö will acquire a property portfolio comprised of eight nursing homes and health care properties from the City of Turku in Finland. The acquisition cost amounts to EUR 130M.

Kungsleden Leaves Eskilstuna

Sweden Sweden Kungsleden has signed an agreement to sell their entire Eskilstuna stock – 15 commercial and office properties – to Regio for MSEK 700 (EUR 68M).


Fredensborg Acquires in Vollebekk

Norway Norway Ivar Tollefsen's Fredensborg Bolig acquires in Vollebeck to develop housing.

Partnera Reduces Its Holdings in Soumen Hoivatilat

Finland Finland Konstsamfundet and Kusinkapital becomes largest shareholders in Hoivatilat.

Largest Rental Growth in the Nordics

Nordic Which company has had the highest rental growth in the Nordics? Nordic Property News has the list.

Marie Bucht.

Swedish Advisor Makes Recruitment Push

Sweden Sweden The advisor Novi Real Estate hires eight new employees. CEO Marie Bucht tells Nordic Property News of the new team and the next step for the company.

Bygg-Göta Acquires in Gothenburg

Bygg-Göta acquires the Bauhaus property in Sisjön, Gothenburg.
Sweden Sweden Bygg-Göta strengthens their portfolio by acquiring the Bauhaus property in Sisjön, Gothenburg. The seller is Alaska Fastigheter.