NCC to refurbish Dommerparken in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — NCC, as part of the fsbHJEM partnership, has been contracted by fsb to refurbish 259 rental units in the Dommerparken area of Copenhagen. The order value is approximately SEK 285 million.

NCC to refurbish 400 apartments in Ringsted

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by Ringsted Almene Boligselskab and DAB to renovate eight residential blocks with a total of 400 apartments in the Sönderpark residential area in the Danish city of Ringsted.

Tomas Carlsson: "We are not immune to the current situation"

Nordic — It is the same market as last year. That's what NCC's CEO Tomas Carlsson says when he comments on the market outlook. Even if certain areas of the company have a somewhat tougher time, the cash flow is positively affected by the fact that they have not invested in property development during the first quarter.

NCC to refurbish District Court in Vantaa

Finland Finland — NCC has been contracted by state-owned property company Senaatti (Senate Properties) to refurbish the District Court in the Tikkurila district of Vantaa.

NCC builds school property in Lieto

Finland Finland — NCC has signed an agreement with the City of Lieto, located east of Turku, to expand Taatila elementary school with a high school for approximately 500 students.

Changes in NCC's Senior Management Team

Nordic — Maria Grimberg, Head of Communications, has decided to leave NCC for other opportunities. She has been in the role since March 2019.

NCC signs two new leases in Mimo

Sweden Sweden — Two new tenants signed to NCC's Mimo project in Mölndal, Gothenburg.

After the Oceana fire – Liseberg in need of major capital injection

Sweden Sweden — As a direct consequence of the devastating fire in the aquatic park Oceana, a capital shortage has arisen in one of Liseberg's subsidiaries, and while waiting for the payment of the insurance compensation, an "accounting technical solution" is now required, which must be handled urgently. At the same time, the ongoing investigation shows that the damage to Oceana is less than first feared. Nordic Property News reveals more on the matter.

NCC to convert and expand school in Östergötland

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Kinda Municipality to convert and expand Rimforsa school in Östergötland. Rimforsa school is a compulsory school for children aged 5-12 and upon completion, will contain 21 classrooms with associated spaces for up to 483 students.

NCC's new office plans in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — 13,000 square meters of offices and a covering of the subway are on the cards when NCC's plans in Västberga in Stockholm begins to take shape. Nordic Property News reveals more about the project.

NCC to build new retirement home in Västerås

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Hemsö to construct the new Stenkumla retirement home in Västerås.

NCC to build Ångermanland District Court

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Härnösand Seminariet, a subsidiary of Smedjan Samhällsfastigheter AB, to carry out a refurbishment and extension project for Ångermanland District Court in Härnösand.

NCC to build Diamanten in Bjurholm Municipality

Sweden Sweden — In collaboration with Bjurholm Municipality, NCC is to construct Diamanten, a new building that will combine operations including a retirement home and preschool in Bjurholm.

NCC to construct new emergency hospital in Västerås

Sweden Sweden — NCC has entered into an agreement for the construction of Region Västmanland’s new emergency hospital in Västerås. The subproject involves the construction of frames, facades and roofs and is being carried out in partnership with Region Västmanland. The assignment has an order value of approximately SEK 800 million.

NCC appoints two new Heads of Business Areas

Sweden Sweden — NCC has appointed new leaders for two business areas. Niklas Sparw will become new Head of NCC Building Sweden. He is currently division manager within NCC. Helena Hed will become Head of the new business area NCC Green Industry Transformation. She is currently CEO of the listed consulting group Projektengagemang. Both will join NCC’s Senior Management Team.

NCC to refurbish Gävle Hospital

Sweden Sweden — NCC is initiating a partnership with Region Gävleborg for the refurbishment and extension of “Hus 60”, the entry building to Gävle Hospital. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form with an order value of approximately SEK 430 million.

NCC builds new treatment plant in Österåker

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been contracted by Roslagsvatten to build a new treatment plant in Österåker to secure wastewater treatment for Österåker Municipality and the City of Vaxholm.

NCC's targets for its new business area

Sweden Sweden — In order to meet the demands placed on large industrial investments, NCC chooses to launch the new business area Green Industry Transformation (GIT). CEO Tomas Carlsson tells Nordic Property News about the launch, which criteria need to be met for a project to be included in the new business area and how much GIT is supposed to make up within NCC going forward.

NCC to renovate Finland’s National Museum

Finland Finland — NCC has been contracted by Senate Properties to renovate Finland’s National Museum in Helsinki. The order value is approximately SEK 320 million.

NCC flagship projects remains unsold: "We'll do anything – but not at any price"

Nordic — Recently NCC presented its latest report. In it there were both flashes of light and some dark clouds. CEO Tomas Carlsson believes that a certain distance is required from the individual report in order to put things in context. But it will be particularly difficult in the commercial segment ahead.

NCC starts new business area

Sweden Sweden — Yesterday, NCC presented updated financial targets for operations and the news that NCC’s resources for projects driven by the green industrial transition will be collected in a separate business area.

NCC gets renovation assignment for Ryhov hospital in Jönköping

Sweden Sweden — NCC is to modernize the Ryhov County Hospital through extensive refurbishment and renovation as part of its framework agreement with Region Jönköping. The project will be carried out as part of a strategic partnering agreement with an order value of approximately SEK 220 million.

NCC to create court house in Tønsberg

Norway Norway — NCC has been contracted by the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property to build a new district court house in Tönsberg in south-eastern Norway. The order value is approximately SEK 170 million.

NCC to construct production facility in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned to construct a production facility in Denmark. The order value is approximately SEK 900 million (EUR 82 million).

NCC to construct swim center in Danish town of Vrå

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by Idrætscenter Vendsyssel (ICV) to construct a swim center in North Jutland, Denmark.