NCC Fires CEO Peter Wågström

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of NCC has decided to replace the Group’s CEO Peter Wågström in order to increase focus on the construction and civil engineering operations. Recruitment of a new CEO will commence immediately. Håkan Broman, who has served as General Counsel at NCC for many years, will assume the position of acting CEO as of October 30 until such time as a new CEO is in place.

NCC to Expand the Falkoner Center

Denmark Denmark — NCC is to refurbish and expand the Falkoner Center in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen. It involves a turnkey contract and the order is worth just over EUR 67M.

NCC to Build Car Showroom for Castellum

Sweden Sweden — NCC has initiated a partnering arrangement with Castellum to build a car showroom of slightly more than 25,000 square meters in Huddinge, south of Stockholm. The project is a turnkey contract and the order value is approximately EUR 29M.  

NCC to Build at Islands Brygge

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by Pension Danmark Ejendomme to build a complex of 17,000 square meters with housing units, offices and a parking facility. The contract is valued at approximately EUR 35M.

NCC to Construct Property Block in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Bonava to build Kapellgärdet Arena, comprising 152 tenant-owner apartments in Uppsala city center. The order value is approximately EUR 26M.

NCC to Build 644 Apartments in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned to construct an additional 644 apartments in central Uppsala for Magnolia Bostad. The construction assignment marks the second phase of the Senapsfabriken property block. The order value is approximately EUR 67M.

NCC Sells Logistics Project to NREP

Sweden Sweden — NCC is divesting the Önskebrunnen logistics project in Brunna for an agreed property value of approximately MSEK 150 (EUR 15M). The buyer is NREP Logicenters.

NCC to Refurbish Sergelhuset for Vasakronan

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Vasakronan to refurbish part of the Hästskon 12 property block, also known as Sergelhuset, converting it from office space to a hotel and apartments. The assignment is a turnkey contract in the form of a partnering agreement and the order is worth EUR 56M.

NCC Starts the Development in Solna

Sweden Sweden — NCC is now initiating preparatory work for the development of a new, sustainable and attractive city district in the Municipality of Solna. The plan is to initially commence work on two office projects in prime locations in Järva Krog.

New Head of NCC Property Development Finland

Finland Finland — NCC has recruited Petri Bergström to the position as Head of Property Development Finland.

NCC Builds New Hospital in Herning

Denmark Denmark — Region Midt and NCC have signed a deal regarding the construction of the main building of Gødstrup hospital in Herning. The main building is the third stage of the hospital construction, also known as The New Hospital in the West, DNV Gødstrup.

NCC Divests Land in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — NCC has divested land in Copenhagen to a private investor for a price of approximately EUR 10M.

NCC to Expand Hospital in Jönköping

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned to plan an expansion and modernization of the Ryhov County Hospital in partnership with Region Jönköping County. The order value is an estimated EUR 85M.

NCC to Build Office and Hotel in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Skandia Fastigheter Öresund to redevelop the Davida 16 block in Malmö. The order is worth EUR 29M.

NCC Sells Aitio Business Park in Helsinki to OP-Financial Group

Finland Finland — NCC is selling Aitio Business Park in Helsinki for EUR 45M to an equity fund within OP Financial group.

NCC Builds Odense’s Highest Building

Denmark Denmark — NCC will build the 17 story high TBT Tower as a part of Odense municipality’s large-scale city development “Fra gade til By”.

NCC to Construct Residential Block in Tyresö

Sweden Sweden — In partnership with Tyresö Bostäder, NCC will construct 206 rental apartments close to the Tyresö Centrum shopping center.

NCC to Build Sustainable Housing Units in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — NCC and TDC Pensionskasse pension fund have signed an agreement to construct 187 housing units, a parking facility and a green area in Teglholmen in Copenhagen. The order is worth EUR 39M.

NCC to Construct Sports Arena in Oslo

Norway Norway — NCC will build the Nye Jordal Amfi sports arena in Oslo. The order is worth EUR 46M.

NCC to Develop Four Apartment Buildings in Turku

Finland Finland — NCC will develop and build four apartment buildings with approximately 200 apartments and a parking garage in Turku.

NCC to Construct Novozymes' New Campus

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by the pharmaceutical company Novozymes to construct a modern campus – a center for biotechnology research and business development – north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The order is worth approximately MSEK 865 (EUR 89M).

Impairment Losses for NCC's Projects in Norway

Norway Norway — The management teams of the new business areas NCC Building and NCC Infrastructure have analyzed NCC’s Norwegian construction and civil engineering operations, which has resulted in the recognition of impairment losses totaling MSEK 290 (EUR 30M) in the third quarter. NCC’s operating profit for the third quarter is estimated at MSEK 503 (EUR 52M) (MSEK 720/EUR 74M) for the Group, net sales at SEK 13.6 billion (EUR 1.39 billion) (SEK 13.3bn/EUR 1.36bn) and orders received at SEK 12.6 billion (EUR 1.29 bn) (SEK 10.1bn/EUR 1.04bn).

NCC to Construct Major Office Building at Arlanda Airport

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Swedavia to construct Sky City Office One, a 20,000-square-meter, eight-story office building directly adjacent to Terminals 4 and 5 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The order is worth an estimated MSEK 460 (EUR 48.3M).

NCC Constructs Rental Units for Stångåstaden

Sweden Sweden — NCC will construct 98 new rental units in Linköping for MSEK 177 (€18.7M).

NCC Sells Share of Finnish Project Company to Citycon

Finland Finland — NCC has sold its share of the Matinkylä Shopping Center project in Espoo, Finland, to its business partner Citycon. The purchase price for NCC’s portion of the jointly owned project company is approximately SEK 750 M (€79 M).