"Areim is an exciting company"

Nordic — Areim changes CEO – in March 2024, Henrik Landelius steps in and succeeds Therese Rattik. The incoming CEO tells Nordic Property News about the choice to join Areim, how he views the company, the strength of having Therese Rattik remain in the organization, how he is as a leader and about full focus on the end of NCC.

Henrik Landelius appointed new CEO of Areim

Nordic — Henrik Landelius will take over as CEO of Areim in March 2024. He comes most recently from NCC where he was part of the company’s senior management team and for the past five years has been Head of NCC Building Sweden.

NCC is building a school and sports hall in Rovaniemi

Finland Finland — NCC has signed a partnership agreement with the city of Rovaniemi in Finland to build a new school building in the Nivavaara district. The assignment also includes building a new sports hall and upgrading the outdoor environment and the adjacent sports field.

Swedish heavyweights take next step in major Stockholm project

Sweden Sweden — New offices and residences of over 100,000 square meters are planned when Fabege and NCC invest heavily in Solna Business Park. Nordic Property News tells you more about the plans going forward.

NCC builds apartments for Aros outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — NCC, in partnership with Aros Bostadsutveckling AB (Aros Bostad), is to construct 170 rental apartments in the third phase of the new Invernesshöjden residential block in Danderyd, north of Stockholm, Sweden. The order value is approximately SEK 300 million.

NCC to build 82 apartments in Tampere

Finland Finland — NCC has signed a contract with Asuntosäätiö for the construction of 82 right-of-occupancy apartments in the new Lamminrahka area neighboring Tampere in Finland. The order value is approximately SEK 160 million.

Avicii Arena to be renovated by NCC

Sweden Sweden — NCC is to renovate and modernize Avicii Arena, Stockholm Globe Arena, in Stockholm. The assignment is a turnkey contract in partnering form with Stockholm Globe Arena Fastigheter AB (SGA Fastigheter), which is wholly owned by the City of Stockholm. The order value is approximately SEK 700 million.

How NCC is constructing buildings with high safety levels

Norway Norway — Catarina Molén-Runnäs, Head of NCC Building Nordics, on the major order in Bærum, the work along with the authorities, and why NCC will succeed in a complex process.

NCC secures major order in Bærum

Norway Norway — NCC will build a new hospital building for psychiatry in Bærum municipality. The project is commissioned by the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, Helse Sør-Øst. The order value is approximately SEK 1 billion.

NCC to build swim center in Oslo

Norway Norway — NCC has been contracted by Oslobygg KF to build the Stovner swim center in Oslo, Norway. The parties have developed the project in partnering form and construction of the swim center can now commence. The order value is approximately SEK 800 million.

NCC to create student homes in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Uppsalahem has contracted NCC to build 276 student apartments in the Kåbo district of central Uppsala. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form and the order value is approximately SEK 260 million.

NCC to construct new meeting place in Västerås

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by the City of Västerås to construct Drömfabriken in Skultuna, Västerås. Drömfabriken will be a meeting place with a new school, library and after-school club.

The construction giant's next office project – 9,000 square meters on vacant land

Sweden Sweden — A major expansion of the vacant area at Hornsberg's old bus depot is underway. Selvaag Bolig is proposed to receive a land reference for the construction of housing and NCC for the construction of 9,000 square meters of offices, both land references where awarded in great competition.

NCC to Build Soccer Hall in Trondheim

Norway Norway — NCC has been commissioned by Trondheim Municipality to build Granåsen soccer hall in Trondheim. Construction will commence in June 2023 and is scheduled for completion in the end of 2024. The order value is approximately SEK 230 million.

NCC Will Construct Residential Units and Offices in Southern Sweden

Sweden Sweden — In collaboration with Eslövs Bostads AB (Ebo), NCC is to construct residential units and offices in the former distillery (Sw: spritfabrik) in Eslöv. The order value is approximately SEK 320 million.

Cargotec Moves to NCC's We Land Office Building in Helsinki

Finland Finland — NCC Property Development has signed a lease agreement with Cargotec, which will be moving its headquarters to the We Land office building, due to be completed next year in the Ruoholahti area of Helsinki. Cargotec plans to occupy about 2,000 square meters on We Land’s top floors.

NCC to Build Scandic Hotel in Aarhus

Denmark Denmark — NCC has signed an agreement with Bassin 7 Erhverv ApS to build a Scandic hotel on Aarhus Island in Denmark. The project is a turnkey contract and the order value is approximately SEK 2 billion.

NCC and Jernhusen Create JV for Gothenburg Project

Sweden Sweden — NCC and Jernhusen form joint venture company for Park Central in Gothenburg.

NCC Constructs Swim Center in Oulu

Finland Finland — NCC has been commissioned by Oulun Tilapalvelut to construct Linnanmaa swim center in Oulu. The project is a construction contract and the order value is approximately SEK 190 million.

NCC to Build New School in Tranås

Sweden Sweden — NCC is to construct the new Granelund school in Tranås together with AB Tranåsbostäder. The school will have space for 600 pupils up to sixth year. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form with an order value of approximately SEK 250 million.

NCC Signs Installation Contract Worth SEK 1.7 Billion for Hospital Project

Denmark Denmark — NCC and the Capital Region of Denmark have signed an installation contract in conjunction with the construction of New North Zealand Hospital in Denmark. The order value for the installation contract amounts to approximately SEK 1.7 billion.

Daniel Kjørberg Siraj Resigns from the Veidekke Board

Norway Norway — Daniel Kjørberg Siraj, board member of Veidekke and CEO of OBOS, has informed Veidekke that he is resigning from the company’s board of directors after having been nominated for a place on the board of NCC. He tells Nordic Property News more about the decision and his future.

Daniel Kjørberg Siraj and Cecilia Fasth Proposed as New Board Members of NCC

Nordic — NCC’s Nomination Committee proposes the election of seven Board members, with no deputies, and the re-election of Alf Göransson as Chairman of the Board, for resolution at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Daniel Kjørberg Siraj, CEO of OBOS, and Cecilia Fasth, CEO of Stena Fastigheter, are proposed as new Board members. Geir Magne Aarstad has declined re-election. The re-election of all other Board members is proposed.

NCC and Aros Bostad Create Residential Units in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Aros Bostad to build 213 rental apartments in Järva Krog adjacent to NCC’s head office in Stockholm. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form with an order value of approximately SEK 400 million.

NCC Signs Construction Agreement in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — NCC has signed an agreement for the construction of Park Central. This project comprises a station and office building totaling approximately 40,000 square meters and is to be constructed directly adjacent to Gothenburg Central Station and the West Link (Västlänken) Centralen station.