Barings Acquires Logistics Project from NCC

Sweden Sweden — NCC is divesting the Albatross logistics project in Arendal to Barings for an agreed property value of approximately SEK 530 million.

NCC to Construct 440 Residential Units near Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by a joint venture between Catella, Nordkranen and DWS to construct approximately 440 rental units in Herlev near Copenhagen. The order value of the construction contract is approximately SEK 840 million. The units will be constructed on land where NCC previously conducted asphalt operations.

NCC to Construct 526 Apartments for NREP in Turku

Finland Finland — NCC has been commissioned by NREP to construct 526 rental apartments in Turku. The housing units will be distributed across five buildings and will mark the start of a new residential area in the city.

NCC to Create Residential Units in Skellefteå

Sweden Sweden — NCC and HSB will initiate a partnering project and construct two buildings with 87 apartments in the growing city of Skellefteå. The order value is approximately SEK 190 million.

NCC Gets Renovation Assignment at Hospital

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Region Sörmland to renovate and remodel a healthcare building at Nyköping Hospital. The order is included in the parties’ strategic partnering arrangement and amounts to about SEK 200 million.

NCC to Construct Property by the Water in Hellerup

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by Danica to construct a third house in Tuborg Strandeng, Hellerup. The project is named Kysthus III and will contain 38 apartments and is a continuation of Kysthus I and Kysthus II which the parties previously built together in the same area. The order value amounts approximately SEK 540 million.

Major Nordic Projects Ahead for NCC

Nordic — Catarina Molén-Runnäs, Head of NCC Building Nordics, tells Nordic Property News on the prestigious North Zealand Hospital assignment in Denmark, how the pandemic has affected the Nordic construction markets, and the Nordic pipeline for the construction giant.

NCC to Construct New Tenant-Owner Apartments in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — In collaboration with HSB Gothenburg, NCC will construct 141 tenant-owner apartments in Gothenburg. The apartments represent the final phase in the new Fixfabiken residential area that is being developed in western Gothenburg. The order value is approximately SEK 365 million.

NCC Signs Agreement for the New North Zealand Hospital

Denmark Denmark — NCC and the Capital Region of Denmark have signed a further agreement for the New North Zealand Hospital project. This contract pertains to the interior of the hospital and the order value is approximately SEK 940 million.

The Possible New Segment for the Construction Giant

Sweden Sweden — Tomas Carlsson, CEO of NCC, on the Nordic operations in 2021, and what the company is exploring for further growth.

NCC Gets Assignment in Örebro to Build Healthcare Block

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Länsgården Fastigheter AB to construct a new block comprising a healthcare center and residential care facility in Örebro. The project will be carried out in two phases with a total order value of approximately SEK 350 million.

Nordr and NCC to Construct Apartments Outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — NCC, in partnership with Nordr, is to construct approximately 170 tenant-owner apartments in Veddestaden, Järfälla Municipality. The project is a turnkey contract with an order value of approximately SEK 300 million.

Abrdn Buys Office Project from NCC

Finland Finland — NCC is selling the Fredriksberg D office project in Helsinki to a fund managed by Abrdn. Fredriksberg D is the fourth phase of NCC’s development project in the Konepaja district, downtown Helsinki.

NCC and Jernhusen Initiate Major Cooperation in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — NCC and Jernhusen have entered a joint venture to develop Park Central, the first phase of the Region City venture in Gothenburg.

NCC to Continue Construction of Oulu University Hospital

Finland Finland — NCC has been commissioned to continue construction of Oulu University Hospital in Finland with the assignment to construct building F. This is part of the second phase of the hospital’s development program and the order value is approximately SEK 1.3 billion.

NCC Secures Order for SEK 880 Million

Denmark Denmark — NCC has signed an agreement to construct a new government office hub for the Danish Building and Property Agency in Odense. The new office will be a six-story wooden building comprising approximately 31,000 square meters with a focus on sustainability.

NCC to Build Bentsebrua School in Oslo

Norway Norway — NCC has signed an agreement with the municipality-owned Undervisningsbygg KF to build Bentsebrua school in Oslo, Norway. The school, which encompasses 9,000 square meters and will accommodate 540 students, will be constructed to meet high environmental standards. The order value is approximately SEK 360 million.

NCC to Build Apartments for Slättö in Stockholm Area

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by fund manger Slättö to construct 584 rental apartments in Bromsten in the northwest of Stockholm.

NCC Sells Land in Solna to Aros Bostad

Sweden Sweden — NCC sells land in Järva Krog, Solna, to Aros Bostad for approximately SEK 260 million. The purchase includes development rights corresponding to about 190 new residential units that Aros Bostad will construct with NCC as the turnkey contractor.

NCC Sells Office Project to Platzer for SEK 1.5 Billion

Sweden Sweden — NCC has signed an agreement for Platzer to acquire NCC’s Mimo project in Mölndal on its completion, which is scheduled for 2024, in accordance with the option between the parties.

K-Fastigheter Buys Project in Åhus

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter buys 19 terraced houses to be built in the new district Trädstaden in northern Åhus. The turnkey contract is carried out by NCC and construction has commenced.

NCC Develops New Property in Stockholm Area

Sweden Sweden — NCC has now commenced the Nova property development project, comprising approximately 13,000 square meters of office, service and retail space in Järva Krog, Stockholm.

NCC to Build the Office Building Valle Vision for Union Eiendomskapital

Norway Norway — NCC has signed an agreement with Union Eiendomskapital, through the UREF II Holding fund, to build Valle Vision in Oslo. The office building will comprise 23,500 square meters and is the third phase of the Valle area of Oslo. The order value is approximately SEK 460 million.

NCC to Construct New Office Building for Pension Danmark in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Pension Danmark and NCC have signed an agreement to build a 13,000-square-meter office building for approximately SEK 400 million.

Castellum Acquires Office Property from NCC

Sweden Sweden — Castellum establishes itself in expansive Järva Krog in Solna. This is done through a company acquisition of NCC Property Fyrtioett AB and its modern newly built office property K11. The acquisition amounts to just over SEK 1 billion.